Press Release – Press Release “We don’t want our users to save money for the rest of life, we want to support them on the pursue of their dreams”

Press Release – Ghaio Fintech Company v1.6

Ghaio Fintech Company

Press Release

“We don’t want our users to save money for the rest of life, we want to support them on the pursue of their dreams”


Knowing Ghaio Fintech

58 millions of Brazilians has pending debt and 79% of them are not certain they are in debt.

São Paulo, Brazil, March 18th, 2016 The data above motivated, but was not the only reason why the founders of Ghaio developed the personal finance platform. The idea came up from a real need of company partners, for a long time they were looking for a system capable of meeting their needs, but they didn’t find it. Those who has most of expected functionalities needed too much dedicated time to get it up to date.

“We compared dozens of systems between apps and websites, but we never found a complete one with all functionalities we needed. When we noticed we have done a great benchmark and questioned ourselves: Why don’t we develop one?” says Mirian Takaki, responsible for finance at Ghaio and Personal Finance Advisor.

Ghaio offers through the platform a complete control with all minimum functionalities for free, so you can know your status now, tomorrow and later, among these functionalities we may highlight credit card, cash flow and budget.

Knowing about your financial situation in the future will give you enough time to plan and organize your finances, avoiding unpleasant surprises, payment of fines and interests and will enable you to plan to achieve your dreams. Ghaio has goals aimed on helping people on all these aspects, through modules that can be acquired into the platform.

The first version of platform for consumers will be launch on April 2016. Founders are excited awaiting first feedbacks about the system, “We know the importance of feedbacks, we want to develop a system for people and that is fundamental for us. This way we can create something useful and that truly helps our users” says Renato Nakayama, CEO at Ghaio.

The company has plans to launch this year the module for Financial Advisers, growing segment that is letting clear the not attended needs. The founder Mirian have faced lots of difficulties working as Financial Adviser and that motived a new development to meet the needs of this specific, but with great potential of growth segment.

A study of SPC confirmed the impressive growth on people’s interest on personal finances from 40% on 2015 to 60% on 2016.

On USA is estimated the growth of 30% on financial adviser profession on the next 10 years followed by one of the lowest index of unemployment of 3%, “We will focus on Brazil at first, because of the high complexity of finances on the country, but we are planning to provide our services in other countries soon” says Renato.

On 2014, the segment generated an amount of $54.8 billion on global market and grew to $61.3 billion on 2014. For 2015, it is expected an amount higher than $63 billion.

“On Ghaio we don’t want our users to save money for the rest of life, we want to support them on the pursue of their dreams”, Renato Nakayama, CEO at Ghaio.


Exhibitor in Collision Conference 2016

Ernest n. Morial Convention Center
NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 26-28, 2016




Founded on 2015, Ghaio is a Fintech company based on São Paulo, Brazil.

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